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Childhood and growing up 2021 question paper

Childhood and growing up 2021 question paper

Childhood and growing up 2021 question paper

Year 2021

Time: 3 hours

Full Marks: 80

Answers from all groups are directed.

निर्देशानुसार सभी खंडों में से उत्तर दें |

Group - A

Objective Type Questions.

1. Development means?

    a. Growth

    b. Change

    c. Maturity

    d. Adjustment

2. The factor affecting Human Development are?

    a. Heredity

    b. Environment

    c. Both of these

    d. None of these

3. What is Childhood called?

    a. Golden age.

    b. Age of dependence

    c. Period of transition

    d. A unique period of life

4. whose development is called cognitive theory of Child's Development?

    a. Jean Piaget

    b. R. R. Sears

    c. Eric-Erickson

    d. Kohler

5. Depression is?

    a. Mental Order

    b. Mental Disorder

    c. Physical Health

    d. None of these

6. Indian Adolescents need education based on?

    a. Quality

    b. Social Equality

    c. Individual Difference

    d. All of these

7. Where does social development start at first?

    a. School

    b. family

    c. neighborhood

    d. playground

8. Self-Description is described?

    a. In autobiographic

    b. In festivals

    c. In cultural occasions

    d. In self controls

9. Who said " Heredity is the transmissions from parents to offspring's of physical and mental characters" ?

    a. H. A. Peterson

    b. James Drever

    c. B. N. Jha

    d. None of these

10. Multidimensional development deals with?

    a. Mental Development

    b. Physical Development

    c. Emotional Development

    d. All of these

Group - B

Short-answer type questions

Answer any four of the following questions:-

2. What are the different stages of Growth and Development?

3. Explain the concept of childhood?

4. Describe about impact of media in the life of an adolescent?

5. State the level of moral development according to Coral Gilligan?

6. What the Laws/Principles of Heredity?

7. What do you understand by Socialization?

Group - c

Long-answer type questions

Answer any four of the following questions:-

8. Describe the Erickson theory of psycho-social development?

9. What do you understand by Heredity? Write about inter-relationship between heredity and environment in references to learner.

10. What is the role of Parents and Teachers in physical and moral development of children?

11. What are the main problems of adolescence? How can a teacher help to solve these problems?

12. Describe social comparison, internalization and self-control?

13. Explain in details, What are the behavioral difficulties in socialization? 

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